Being Spiritual and the Path.

What does it mean to being spiritual and what is the path?


Being Spiritual is not an “ADJECTIVE” but a “VERB”

Being spiritual means “loving oneself” or “caring for oneself”, in other words, taking “responsibility” of one's physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Loving oneself is also not self-centredness or self-indulgent.

It also doesn't mean “being selfish”. Selfish is completely opposite of “loving oneself”. When our mind is in the expanded state of being, we start to feel love for ourselves and from that expanded state all our actions are selfless; we flow to “share” love and compassion; First we share love with ourselves and that same love flows to others who come in contact of us. This love can not be expressed in words, not because it isn't expressible, it's because this expression is uniquely individual. Being spiritual is to experience this natural expanded state of love with oneself, which then flows to others.

Every human identifies themselves as a spiritual being whether we are aware of it or not; we long to expand ourselves and want to know things that are beyond us.

But we don't know how to be spiritual; and we are also not really sure if their is a path to being spiritual. The path to being spiritual is about evolving; evolving of the heart and the mind to experience this divine love; this divine love flows only in the types of mind which is purified of its impurities.

The great Indian scientist Sage Patanjali gave a framework, a structure to this union of love with oneself and called it “Yoga”. He prescribed a path of eight steps which is explained in detail in Yog-Sutras and Yoga-Darshana.

Buddha to; prescribed this and called it “eightfold noble path”.

We will not discuss these steps, instead i will share my understanding of the path as simply as i can; infact these steps helps in what I am going to share now.

I have being meditating and actively seeking to expand my being. I have come to recognise this profound experiential truth, our only and only job is purification of our mind by strengthening the noble qualities of our HEART.

When our HEART is Compassionate and Empathetic, Peaceful and Harmonious; Giving and Generous, Joyful and Forgiving; Appreciative and Grateful, Truthful and Self-Honest; Inclusive and Accepting, Communicating, Sharing and Healing; Inspiring, Striving and Radiant; our mind automagically cleanses itself of its impurities. This is the secret to adding positive karma points in life.

The best way to discover, experience, understand, and bring forth and actualize these Qualities is through living the qualities of the heart in our everyday interactions with ourselves and everyone around us, with an attitude of openness and self-discovery, and wanting to come from the heart; the heart and mind can coordinate and integrate together in this.

In our heart the qualities are discovered and experienced, while our mind or intellect can reflect upon and understand these qualities. The true teacher of our mind is our heart, so the best attitude is for mind to listen to heart.

When these noble qualities of our HEART are developed and strengthened sufficiently enough, the spiritual law starts working. First and foremost, the law start testing us with difficult situations and people as a filtration process, if we endure this tests while developing and strengthening these qualities with awareness and equanimity, a point comes when these qualities become our FIRST NATURE. Once this happens, our job is over, we don't have to do anything further. The Spiritual law takes over our being and uplifts us into higher spiritual levels or dimensions.

During the cleansing and testing phase the spiritual law assigns an invisible Guru or Guardian Angel to us who helps us pass through this difficult phases, and they remain with us until needed. In this journey, many invisible Gurus or Guardian Angels will be assigned by the spiritual law in accordance to our evolving STATES and STAGES. If we are lucky we might meet, and interact with these Gurus and Guardian Angels, but surely we can feel their presence in our life, we sometime refer to them as God's Grace or Divine Forces in our life.

You might ask why invisible gurus or guardian angels? A simple answer could be “to help us not become dependent”, in other words “to help us become the best version of ourselves”. The Spiritual law is a teacher with a unique style of teaching. “Learning While Doing” is its style. Yes, Learning While Doing. You heard it right both words “Learning” and “Doing” are “VERB”.

Again, you might ask Why not realised guru in physical body help us? A simple answer is there are many exceptions, but an important thing to remember, an authentic realised guru in the physical body will not keep you under any confusion, their won't be any ambiguity about their involvement in your life. If they choose to take up the responsibility to help you become the best version of yourselves they will make sure you know who is keeping your backside safe, they are tough masters, just as genuine good sports or martials art teacher or even parents who “SUPPORT” us without making us dependent on them.

REMEMBER, this is the toughest job in the universe one can undertake and hence only the best of the best masters would become guide to someone in their spiritual journey, because they have to suffer as well as deal with your Karmic impurities of many lifetimes to help you move forward. Again, remember, you will be chosen only if you put in the real, sincere efforts required in this process of developing the qualities of the heart as mentioned earlier, in short you should be the deserving candidate, and the spiritual law decides if you are that deserving candidate or not.

Remember as i said, because any spiritually evolved person in physical body are themselves undergoing purification process, unless they are instructed by their invisible guru or guardian angel to become guide to a single or to a many humans they wouldn't want to distract themselves from their journey of self-purification and also they wouldn't take up this big a responsibility of guiding others just because they have a desire to do so, in this journey of self-purification even desires are relinquished.

An important thing to remember, one can only guide others if one has walked the path till the end as Buddha told once. Yes, as a sincere seeker you can choose to walk along in the path with spiritually evolved person who are in the physical body, and also learn from their life experiences as well as imbibe all the good qualities they have lived as an example for others to follow, but don't expect them to hold your hands because as mentioned earlier if you are putting the required efforts ,and are sincere enough, your hands are held by the spiritual law itself.

In conclusion, being selfish means having an attitude or belief of “SCARCITY”; an “INABILITY” to share things which we have as “SURPLUS”. This attitude or belief works at all and any of the three level of our existence.

At the lowest physical level of existence, someone might not want to share their surplus such as money, wearables, jewellery, food and many other material belongings. At a mental level of existence, someone might not want to share their knowledge and wisdom due to the belief of scarcity, in other words, a fear of perceived self-loss and even a perceived gain received by others. At the highest emotional level of existence, someone might not want to share love, happiness, compassion, joy and many other positive emotions with one-self as well as with others. This is an error in our mind, we call it as a mental impurity of our mind. And the mind can only change when we develop and strengthen the qualities of the HEART.



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